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Meet Rob

Dr. Rob Bedard earned his Master’s in Leadership & Training degree from Royal Roads University (Victoria, BC) and his Doctorate degree from the University of South Africa (UNISA). Rob Bedard serves as a fulltime Associate Pastor to Christian Life Assembly in Langley, British Columbia, Canada. He also teaches part-time for Trinity Western University. For decades, Rob has been training leaders and teams in various not-for-profit organizations, secondary school (Professional Development Day training), and higher education institutions in Canada and in Eastern Europe. Rob has coached hundreds of individuals and teams through their StrengthsFinder® (CliftonStrengths®) and Birkman® assessments as a leadership, competency and career coach. Rob also mentors leaders in individualized career and leadership planning and advancement strategies. The West Coast Centre for Learning (www.wccl.ca) has brought Rob on as a subcontractor to provide leadership training for teams and career coaching for individuals of all ages and stages of life and work. One of Rob's specialties is helping young adults discover through their Birkman assessments what work they are best wired for as they move toward a suitable career. In short, Rob wakes up every morning with a passion to train, mentor and coach leaders just like you!

Wired For Work Individualized Coaching

Are you a teen or young adult trying to figure out what work you are best wired for as your future career? Are you an adult looking for a more suitable career? Wired for Work individualized career coaching can help you. After completing an online Birkman® assessment, in a two-hour career coaching session you will discover what work you are truly wired for.

Birkman Team Coaching

Self- and others-awareness can unlock your Team’s success. This one-day interactive and engaging Birkman Team Coaching will help you and your Team build a stronger team together. Each team member will discover what is most life-giving and what is most life-draining to themselves and to their teammates. They will discover what they usually do when they are operating at their best. Furthermore, they will discover what they need to succeed in relationship with others and in their work itself. Finally, each team member will discover how they and their teammates may stress when their needs are not met by the people and environment around them.


StrengthsFinder Team Coaching

Strong teams are built on the strengths of its individual members. This one-day interactive and engaging team-building workshop will help you build stronger teams. Each team member will discover their own unique talents and strengths using the internationally acclaimed StrengthsFinder®/CliftonStrengths® assessment tool. Specific time and focus will be given to your top individual strengths, as well as to what leadership strengths you bring to your Team. As teams, you will interact with your strengths in a team setting which is fun, engaging, memorable and useful in increasing your individual and team effectiveness.



Michael Susara

Solution Engineer, Team Lead

Allstream Business Inc.

"I've known Rob for a couple of years. He has been instrumental for my career growth. I had the privilege of being mentored by Rob and I highly recommend him for his inspiring way of developing leaders. He has influenced me to be a better leader and a better team player.

Because of Rob's coaching and mentorship I was given the opportunity to lead a team of engineers. The lessons I took from our one on one sessions have been valuable in leading the team where each member feels valued. The team's productivity and work-life balance has been one of the highest in the company.

I highly recommend Rob for his great leadership skills and no nonsense way of imparting knowledge while inspiring the heart. His passion to develop leaders is contagious."

Kristi Rigg


West Coast Centre for Learning

"I have had the pleasure of engaging Rob Bedard of Leadershift.Life in a personal capacity as a business professional and also to conduct team building workshops with our employees. I have found Rob to be insightful, engaging and a dynamic presenter. Before the workshop date, Rob goes the extra mile to learn about the team and utilizes the information in his workshop preparation. This is an important element as it personalizes the presentation for the team and creates buy-in.

Rob has the unique ability to make everyone in the room feel acknowledged and affirmed. This is an admirable quality and not one that many individuals possess. Rob's ability to personally connect with individuals in such a way is the reason he is so successful and good at what he does! It is without hesitation that I would recommend Rob as he is a gifted and talented presenter, facilitator and teacher."

Teresa Kowalchuk BSW RSW Dip.

Corrections Assessor

Alberta Child Youth & Family Services

"I had an awesome opportunity to receive one-on-one coaching with Rob while serving in a volunteer leadership role. When I started working with Rob, I had no idea that I had already possessed many skills required in leadership. Rob was able to draw them out of me and assisted me in developing them to the point where I had the confidence to build a successful team around me. Rob was able to help me link leadership theory to leadership practice. He also helped me learn how to reflect on next steps and build momentum. Rob has a unique ability to connect with others and inspire them to grow to their potential. He cares about the people he works with and celebrates their successes, while supporting them through their leadership challenges.

The valuable leadership insights and tools Rob provided me not only assisted me in my volunteer role, but also in my career as a Social Worker. I would highly recommend Rob as a leadership mentor and coach for anyone who wants to grow in leadership and team development."

James Tweedy

Vice President

Marketing & Communications

Chief Marketing Officer

Trinity Western University

"Rob is extremely knowledgeable and is a gifted and engaging communicator. It was so encouraging to be able to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of one of our very own faculty members.

We invited him to lead us through two days of team building exercises around the subject of 'Strengths-Based Leadership' (i.e. StrengthsFinder). Rob facilitated two wonderful days with the team. The feedback was very positive, and best of all we've been gifted with a common language and framework for engaging as a team while also arriving a deeper understanding of the unique gifts and abilities that each of our team members contribute to the whole.

I have already recommended Rob to my colleagues who lead teams to take them through a similar exercise."

Sara Kraushar

Academic Head of Schools

Heritage Christian Online School / Flex Academy

"Rob has worked with a number of our teams providing Strengthfinders and Birkman Team Coaching. Our teams have found Rob's explanation of our personal abilities, team abilities and corporate abilities to be insightful and actionable. Rob helps bring out the best in people while challenging teams to build understanding, compassion and support for one another.

Rob also worked with my child to do a Wired For Work Individualized Coaching Birkman session. My daughter had tried other career counselling and found the results did not resonate well with her, however, after working with Rob, she came away affirmed, grounded, and ready to pursue a career that "fit" her."

Kristen Maynard

Pastor, Community Groups & Immerse

Village Church

"We had the privilege of having Rob lead a large group of our leaders through StrengthsFinder coaching. From beginning to end - in the consultation stage of assessing what our leaders may need, to the preparation, communications, presentation, and follow-up - Rob made the process very easy and enjoyable. He is willing to accommodate where necessary to serve our leaders best.

Rob is intelligent and very knowledgeable, and at the same time, very approachable and fun -- easy to engage with. Our leaders greatly valued his insights and coaching, and his presentation was very clear, informed, and interactive! We would very much recommend Rob's leadership coaching!"

John Engels

National Coordinator

Serve Campus Network

Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada

"Rob is a trusted friend over the years who took our multi-generational leadership team through the Birkman review. He was very articulate professionally and empathetic personally in his communication style. Rob fielded several questions with humility, clarity, and confidence which put everyone at ease. The results were profoundly inspirational and encouraging among our team members. Everyone commented on how productive the time was with Rob."